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Hitting a hole-in-one

Bucks County Courier Times

A portable mini-golf course is a big hit among residents, community organizations and businesses.

Miniature golf courses aren't necessarily designed to be portable, but a Middletown resident has teed up a business model that defies convention.

For a fee, they bring miniature golf to area residents, businesses, churches, schools and community organizations. Anywhere Miniature Golf - uses a portable nine-hole mini-golf course built originally for use in the couple's backyard.

"I wanted to set up a mini-golf course, so I designed something," to give their three kids a fun activity. "It was different from always being in the house. I built it and realized we could make it portable and rent it out."

At a rate of $375 for four hours, Anywhere Mini Golf uses a trailer to bring the course - plus golf clubs, golf balls, scorecards and pencils - to the event. They set up the course, often with help from family members and friends. At the end of the day, they take it down, load the trailer again and bring it home.

"It's different because it's something that the parents and kids can play together," "It's not like getting a moon-bounce, where the moms and dads and grandparents just watch, they also play."

They have rented to children's birthday parties, corporate team-building events, school functions and block parties. They also market to groups that want to use it as part of a fundraiser. The community group will rent the course for an event and then charge people to play to generate income.

Because it is portable, the holes are not as complicated or elaborate as many of those at traditional miniature golf courses.

"But we make it colorful and inviting, It's important to be able to carry it but it's fun enough to keep (the business) growing. + We've seen a lot of good battles."